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Atour Hotel Xi'an Gaoxin Branch, having opened in 2015. With Free in-room Wi-Fi available, you'll have no problems keeping connected.

The hotel is only 10km from Xi'an Railway Station and 36km from Xianyang International Airport, giving guests a number of convenient transportation options. Just a short walk from Ke Ji Lu Station Metro Station, traveling to most city destinations is a breeze.[View Detail]

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  • moonbow
    Business, the environment can be
  • ilult people
    More convenient transportation, hotel facilities, better than expected
  • ayuan
    Very good hotel, hotel is very fast and warm service, check out art and miaoyu service very good, asked stay feeling satisfied, come again!
  • a1154521
    Service has always been good, Cao ping
  • boris_mengyc
    Very satisfaction of once staying, must to full marks, from stepped into hotel door ushered in of is front desk beauty sweet of smile and a cup warm heart spleen of tea, journey of tired suddenly cloud nine, has front desk handsome small guy help I took luggage, sent to room, rich of self breakfast, local snacks is has features, very like, around traffic convenience, Star BA grams, theater, Mall, on in Hotel downstairs, next with family with to, still select staying most love of high-tech Asia flower.
  • e00795005
    Good hotel, next time, thank you w
  • Jrcollins
    Well, was found the next day on the toilet and the wall wasn't wiped out, there are many red drops, do not know what
  • elina0909
    I is on accommodation compared about, so on the accommodation very satisfaction, each to front desk are end Shang a cup tea, these details do of are very rod, night not carefully broke has Cup, to front desk call help Pack, subsection several sentence words was is you injured didn't? heart is was is pleased, rooms of people help is special kind, attitude very professional, hotel of breakfast is is spot, anyway this of accommodation is satisfaction, yihou regardless of to where, as long as has Asia flower wineShop is the best choice
  • a7430416
    Service was warm, stay happy many times, this time for the children to send a gift, a child who likes to manually praise.
  • Dreamaustin
    Rooms, beds and bedding is superb, great
  • glngg
    All right
  • iris52mm
    Good ~
  • lgswwily
    Very good in every way, bed put deer signs, tips, is the smallest details, soft and hard pillows were marked, very detailed. is satisfied with the accommodation.
    The location of the hotel is very good, decoration is also very good, is like a newly opened hotel, room decoration tastes there. downstairs on the Mall, shopping convenience.
  • jylinxi
  • BB wives
    A very good environment
    Very good
  • lcc104600
    All right
  • asprion
    Guest spirit of respect is appreciated but more than more than 400 no breakfast are not satisfied up to transfer elevators are not good
  • juliannawang
    Travel in recent years like the Asian flower, clean, service. this store in Golden Eagle upstairs, was in shopping and convenient!
  • morosejo
    The newly opened, is nice and beautiful fashion. the location is also very good, service was good. one point to note is; should line up at the front desk in order to receive, if people cut in line or interrupted service to ask questions (of course, this is people's bad habits), advised staff not to leave jumpers, to service customers in the queue order.
  • daijie1986
    Friends introduced staying Asia flower, said is XI ' an in is more of. Select has away from husband units near of this. live hotel times too more, this is live to heart has. a door on feel is fine, Hall customer service personnel of smile, cabinet within fine of device. a cup timely sent to of tea. is detailed of told you how transfer elevator breakfast time what...... Upstairs the rooms fresh and elegant, bright colors ... simple room but appearing everywhere. shower gel, slippers ... In short tooJoy!
  • cyndav
    Very good location!
  • BossLeung
    Surrounding is very busy, Mall restaurants available, traffic by taxi is also good. hotel facilities may not be luxurious, but abandoned the complex, retaining a practical and clean design, bed comfortable, bright and spacious bathroom. thanks to the attendants in the middle to guide and found a 24-hour convenience store, really good.
  • benwritten
    Room was large, warm, clean, warm and thoughtful reception staff, also sent the glutinous and glutinous porridge in the evening (early winter warm in the night!); Underground car park is convenient close to the Golden Eagle and the Golden shopping centre, good easy; all in all worth staying again!
  • baijinsong
    Hotel is great, seems to be upgrading the room feeling great! loved it! the next opportunity will be!
  • ivy123456
    Hotel is far away from the city, rooms are so-so, not recommended
    Pretty well already a Member
  • asd771124
    And friends travel select staying Asia flower hotel, hotel decoration style I is like, simple atmosphere. in recent years rise of leader seems Asia flower real has. handle staying quickly not make deposit, zhihou has service personnel led you to elevator between, hotel relies on Office so elevator somewhat strange but also different. room is good, clean, also incense incense of. bed products I most like... From slippers to mattresses are impulse to move back home ... ... AFU's bath products, that would be greatAnd in the household is the oh. go back at night there are night porridge, so sweet ...
  • e04145494
    Very good, good location, clean
  • lilily8437
    Nice hotel, service is in place, unfortunately, breakfast!
  • risona
    Service is very good. children make and eat porridge in the morning, call the front desk immediately sent a bowl and a boiled egg. very nice.
  • yoyostar_1227
    Good service attitude
  • elynjin
    A simple, small refrigerators and safes are not!
  • E01638320
    Is heart of a hotel, if you focused on details, this is a ideal of hotel. pillow into soft, hard; toothbrush also marked soft, hard. in elevator door has notes paper for guest call is records by needed event. a a hotel of service quality see of is details. on even staff per person are to nickname, today encountered of front desk reception called 'Hi son', another people aftertaste past of movie, also feel kind. that novel has warm. so said is heart of hotel.
  • cutebing
    Hotel is very good, clean and comfortable. miaoyu especially staff service attitude is good, guests with thoughtful. satisfaction, next business trip to continue staying in.
  • e01219288
    Service was very good, the price is high. health
  • m00086363
    First of all, very clean. entered the front felt affinity. really nice hotel.
  • eastman1982
    Room and service very good.
  • amiegood
    Good bed mattress very good. well, human.
  • e05055446
    Hotel features clean and service in place, especially a waiter named amber was especially good, very happy journey!
  • Joesen
    Convenient hotel in the center of the high-tech area, near the airport bus express bus lot, convenient for corporate business and tourism; Warm and thoughtful service, as well as afternoon tea and lounges, amusement and visitor reception without losing the ritual; Good health, new equipment, in particular the hotel bed, especially comfortable to sleep; Breakfast was good, very satisfied. breakfast eat well, work and travel are comfortable throughout the day. In a word Yes ... fabulous.
  • bamboo601
    Price expensive service environment can be good
  • wangfang74
    Rooms are not sound-· voice can be heard on the opposite closing · no bathrobe · silly · nice · nice · shower was beautiful very · room not knowing what · always remove power · customer service to take power in the end tab
  • iyuyu0622
    Room was very large, complete Shampoo Conditioner shower gel hand Sanitizer, the waiter was very warm. elevator ride is good, no time; is to some attractions also have a half hour drive. all in all highly recommend it!
  • jenifferoo
    Colleagues say good, very new. next time you come to stay
  • damang
    It's OK
  • AndyAndyAndy
    Rooms at the praise heard about us before they flower, there is a girl said she lived in a friend's House is the best hotel in Asia rose. the stay did not let me down. sweet tea and a wide range of books. attentive service ... really good ... no wonder more and more now!
  • brady
    Environment, next to the Golden Eagle shopping, great health, natural latex mattresses, it's great
  • langyuanguxing
    Service very good! also come in the House there is a small note, dear! toiletries very good! will stay next time!